Manager Checklist

A simple and effective checklist for a manager's everyday responsibilities.  

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A simple and effective checklist that helps managers organize daily tasks:  

  • Staying on top of staff's health and hygiene 
  • Prioritizing clean and stocked hand sinks
  • High-performing refrigerators and walk in freezers 
  • Properly storing meat, dairy, dried foods etc.  
  • Promptly sanitizing dishes, counters and much more!

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Manager Checklists Help You Achieve the Following: 

  • Track and organize complex and repetitive daily tasks
  • Manage business priorities
  • Adhere to food safety protocols, ensuring employee and customer safety
  • Motivate employees to take action and check all the boxes
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy 
  • Delegate tasks to the entire team 
  • Reduce mistakes and improve compliance

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