Sustainability Trends for the Food Industry to Watch in 2022

Sustainability made Easy with Squadle & Good Start Packaging 

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6 sustainability trends in the food industry 

  1. Digital Food Safety Curbs Waste 
  2. Adoption of Sustainable Packaging Alternatives
  3. Mobile Food Waste Apps Combat Climate Change
  4. Ghost Kitchens Maximize Efficiency
  5. Onsite Restaurant Compost Equipment
  6. Plant-Based and Sustainable Menu Innovation

Contributing Partners

Since 2009, Good Start Packaging has been on a mission to inspire people to be more conscious about their use of disposable plastic while helping foodservice operators build sustainable, successful businesses.

Squadle is a workflow automation company committed to delivering flexible, user-friendly applications that enable multi-unit operators, convenience stores, and retailers to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety.

"From compostable packaging to ghost kitchens and digital checklists, we hope you find one or two sustainable tools to kickstart your QSR, grocery, or c-store in the New Year."

What You'll Learn 


 Digital Food Safety Curbs Waste 

  • Definition of "Digital Food Safety"
  • Benefits of going digital at your businesses 


Adoption of Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

  • What is compostable food packaging
  • How compostable packaging alternatives reduce plastic waste


Mobile Food Waste Apps Combat Climate Change

  • How food waste contributes to climate change
  • New mobile applications are helping reduce food waste


Ghost Kitchens Maximize Efficiency

  • How food delivery services are surging 
  • 5 Food Safety Rules that are non-negotiable 


Onsite Restaurant Compost Equipment


Plant-Based and Sustainable Menu Innovation

  • Impact of composting on the environment 
  • Ways to harness financial, environmental, and community benefits of composting
  • Increase in plant-based consumers
  • Introducing plant-based menu options to please the change in customer behavior 

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