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Adapt to the changing foodservice environment and show your commitment to community health & safety with temperature screening and social distancing, all in one simple product.

Thermal Scanner


Available for pre-order today. Shipping in Fall 2020

Fast, Safe, Reliable


Low maintenance

Works offline, auto-updates when needed, and integrates seamlessly 

with your Squadle checklists.


Full control over what data is 

collected and stored.

No training needed

No employee training needed 

before use. Backed by 24/7 tech support.

Easy setup

Software & hardware included. Just mount onto a wall and plug in.

Integrated with Squadle Checklists™ and Squadle HQ™

Automatically complete safety checks, and view data and reports in the system you already use.

Step 1: Stand in front of the thermal scanner

Step 2: Scanning will automatically begin

Step 3: 1 second later, the device will read your temperature and send an alert if it's too high

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Works for operations of every size


Retail & restaurant brands

Customizable to meet corporate health standards and required body temperature ranges.

Franchise owner-operators

Monitor health at every location. Also integrates with the Squadle checklists you know and love.

Independent restaurant owners

Low maintenance health monitoring system with no surprise installation costs.


  • 5" Non-Touch LCD

Thermal Scan:

  • Accuracy < ±-0.9°F
  • Effective Range 1'~2.3'


  • Surface Mount & Stand
  • Tampering Detection

Environment Spec:

  • Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 104°F
  • Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% @ 104°F (non-condensing) 
  • Application Environment Best Indoors


  • HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA Compliant

Durability built for restaurants


This thermal scanner uses Squadle's patented ZeroTouch™ technology, which automatically measures and records temperatures using wireless and touch-free solutions. US Patent 9,534,938

Powered By Squadle ZeroTouch™


ZeroTouch™ is trusted by operators from leading brands

Powering the digital food safety solutions trusted by top QSRs

Quick & hassle-free

Safe & non-invasive

Custom tracking & alerts

Part of Squadle's Product Suite

The Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is part of a product suite made up of the most innovative and customer-oriented digital foodservice technologies on the market. 

Squadle Checklists & Shift Management

Squadle Sense™ Remote Temperature Monitoring

ZeroTouch™ Digital Food Safety

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner


Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is a 6"x6" wall-mounted device that uses thermal cameras and other temperature sensors to perform fast and accurate screenings without requiring users to touch the device.

What is the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner device?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner combines infrared thermography with additional ambient sensors (temperature, humidity, and RGB camera) to perform a non-invasive and reliable temperature measurement. Machine learning is used to adjust initial thermal camera reads to improve accuracy.

How are the readings performed?

They operate in the same way, except temperature guns can only provide readings from a single spot vs. an entire image area. Temperature guns are spot pyrometers. Both spot pyrometers and thermal cameras work according to the same principle, detecting infrared radiation and translating it as a temperature reading. 

However, thermal imaging provides temperature readings across each pixel of an entire thermal image vs. the reading of a single spot from spot pyrometers. Advanced optics also allows thermal imaging cameras to resolve temperatures from a longer distance.

How does Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner differ from a temperature gun?

An individual screening takes less than 1 second. When the initial screening result is a borderline elevated risk, Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner will immediately run a few additional screenings to reduce variance and increase accuracy.

How fast is the screening?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner's temperature thresholds are based on CDC guidelines of 100.4°F (38°C), with a healthy margin for elevated risk at 99.5°F (37°C). Thresholds for "Yellow" (elevated risk) and "Red" (high risk) can be manually adjusted by facilities. We also provide best practice policy guidelines enacted by top healthcare facilities in the United States. Our platform and services have undergone audits and are certified HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

How are the risk thresholds set?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner's cloud platform includes our client admin web application, our over-the-air device management service, and a system for notifications & alerts. Our web application allows clients to set their facility policies, see reporting, and set alerts & notifications.

Admin users can set the staff screening policy, choosing the number of times per day/shift/week that staff members need to platform a temperature screen.

What does the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner cloud service provide?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is a security-first product. Restaurants can choose what data is collected and for how long, including an option to collect no data whatsoever. We also have a standard service agreement that includes language explicitly limiting the ways your data can be used.

What is the policy around data collection and storage?


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